How to choose a coffee roaster machine?

How to choose a coffee roaster machine?

A coffee roasting machine is essential, if you own a coffee roastery. Choosing a new coffee roaster may be quite challenging, especially if you haven’t followed the coffee market. Nowadays you can choose from a huge variety of products that use advanced technologies. If you are using an old machine, it is high time to change it. Every commercial coffee roasting machine should be made of robust materials that guarantee reliability of the roaster for many years. If you need some help in choosing the best commercial coffee roaster machine for your business, you can read the article below.


How to choose a commercial coffee roasting machine?


Even though a lot of coffee roaster machines look similar, it doesn’t mean that they are the same. The first thing you need to know is how much coffee you produce per week. Commercial roasteries that sell coffee in bulk need large coffee roasters. Such devices can deliver even 125 kg of roasted coffee per hour. However, you should keep in mind that green coffee beans lose their weight during the roasting process. Usually it is a 15-20% weight loss. You can easily define the amount of coffee you produce by using this simple equation. Multiply the number of batches and kilograms per batch with the 15% weight loss, for example 5 * 7kg * 0.85 = 29.75 kg. This should help you choose the most suitable coffee roasting machine.


What commercial coffee roasters are worth buying?


Today’s coffee roasting machines for commercial use that are released to the market offer more and more advanced and precise technologies. If you want to invest in a reliable and robust machine, you should check out the following products. Coffee roaster CMS-1 is perfect for a small family business, where the amount of weekly roasted coffee doesn’t exceed 100-150 kg. This is assuming that you don’t spend more than 4 hours daily on roasting your coffee. This is a basic model with a maximal batch capacity of 1 kg and with maximal hourly output of 4kg. Those who manufacture a larger amount of coffee should be satisfied with the CMS-6 or CMS-12 coffee roasting machines. The first one can deliver up to 25kg of roasted coffee per hour, while the second one up to 50kg. Those machines are great for bigger coffee roasteries that also run an online shop. However, there are also commercial coffee roasteries that sell huge amounts of coffee everyday. If you are an owner of such a coffee place, you should invest in the coffee roaster CMS-30. This huge machine can roast even 125 kg of coffee per hour. All of these coffee roasting machines are powered by propane, LPG, or natural gas.


Coffee roasters for small coffee roasteries

If you don’t need to buy a large coffee roasting machine, you naturally have other options. There are several models that meet this requirement. One of those machines is a sample roaster Santoker Q5  that you can use as a wonderful advertisement in your coffee shop. Cube coffee roaster G300 can roast up to 500g of coffee beans per batch. This amount of coffee is enough, if you don’t sell coffee in bulk. If you need a slightly bigger coffee roaster, which by the way looks really original, the Aillio Bullet R1 V2 may catch your eye. Its maximum batch capacity is 1000g. Fans of modern and advanced solutions can also be interested in the Stronghold S7 Pro coffee roaster. Its vertical construction is innovative and the device itself uses electric energy instead of fuel.

Aillio Bullet Roaster in its natural habitat


Buying a coffee roasting machine is a must, if you want to offer top-notch services. Buy only coffee roasting equipment that guarantees its reliability and the best quality for a long time.