Coffee Grinders - Manual or Electric?

Coffee Grinders - Manual or Electric?

There is a constant discussion on the Internet whether it is better to use a manual grinder or an electric coffee grinder. If you have an interest in buying a professional and reliable coffee grinder, you have probably seen multiple recommendations, such as to save up more or to buy a convenient grinder. Yet the best way to decide which type of grinders suits your needs best, you should delve into this topic to find out the answer.

Manual vs. electric coffee grinder?

Unfortunately, this question must be answered individually. However, there are certain features that you can consider as pros or cons. Let’s begin with the electric coffee grinders. If you are looking for something convenient, fast and affordable, you can choose electric blade grinders, but keep in mind that they grind coffee beans inconsistently, and they are pretty loud. This is a good option if you are not a coffee nerd.


On the other hand, there are electric coffee grinders that can grind coffee beans not only fast, but also consistently, so the size of coffee particles is perfectly even. The variety of grind settings enables adjusting it to a coffee method you like. You can make espresso choosing fine grind, but if you crave for a good cup of pour-over coffee, you can choose a medium-coarse grind. Another advantage of electric grinders is that you can use them in your coffee shop, café, or any other place where you brew a lot of coffee. The reason behind this is that you can save a lot of time, and by saving time, you can serve more cups of coffee which gives you a clear profit.


What about manual coffee grinders then? The battle titled manual coffee grinder vs. electric one continues, but there are without a doubt many advantages of the first type.

Manual coffee grinders – pros and cons

The manual coffee grinders enjoy fair reputation because they are known for the consistent grind, easy maintenance, they are more affordable than electric grinders, and they are portable. You should also be aware of differences in burrs. A lot of modern hand grinders have flat burrs which guarantee even and precise grind each time you want to brew a cup of black coffee. There are also old-fashioned grinders with conical burrs. Not only the shape is different, but also the grind can be a slightly less consistent than in the case of flat burrs. You should be able to repeat the same grind type with the same consistency level. A good and trustworthy manual coffee grinder will not let you down by delivering chunks of coffee beans.


Besides, if you want to explore new flavor notes in your coffee, you should keep the grinder clean. It is really easy to clean the inside parts of the hand grinder thoroughly. You can brush out coffee residue and larger particles left in the mechanism. It will guarantee a smooth grinding, and better taste of new coffee blends. Old coffee residue can noticeably influence the overall flavors of your coffee.


What about the cons? If you decided that this is the ideal solution for you, do not forget that manual grinding requires some training with its literal meaning – muscles can help with grinding coffee faster. Such a coffee grinder is better for small amounts of coffee – if you are looking for a commercial coffee grinder, you should rather buy an electric one. It would take ages to prepare hundreds of espresso shots in a large café. If you like micro-adjustments or experiment with different grind sizes, an electronic grinder will be perfect for this job.


Electric coffee grinder vs manual – summary

To sum up, electric and electronic coffee grinders are perfect for commercial use, for experimenting with different sizes of ground coffee particles, and for those who want to save some time. On the other hand, manual coffee grinders give you portability, consistent grind, and they are more affordable than their electric brothers. For preparing specialty coffee with alternative methods of coffee brewing, a hand grinder will be the best option. Now it is time to decide – electric vs. manual coffee grinder?