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QuinSpin is an innovation in the coffee world. This is a device that will make your job much easier and more efficient. If you are a barista, you will surely appreciate this small, yet super useful product.

What is the QuinSpin portafilter cleaner?

Cleaning portafilters has never been so easy. This amazing coffee portafilter cleaner can get rid of leftover coffee without any effort or pressure. QuinSpin is a small device that can be installed on your working table, mounted to a working top. All you need to do is prepare some space and follow the instructions. You need to put a trash bin under the table, so the coffee residue can be removed directly to the bin. Coffee particles will not land on the floor.


There are two parts that the QuinSpin portafilter cleaner is made of. The first one is the drill head, which is responsible for removing the greater part of the leftover coffee. The other part is the brush head that eliminates the rest of the residue. It is worth to mention that the brush can be refurbished – it reduces plastic waste. The heads are interchangeable, which gives you an opportunity of adjusting their positions to your needs. The life expectancy of the brush head is more or less 10 000 cycles. Both parts spin around while you are holding your portafilter. A great advantage is that you can use only one hand – it can be a time-saver, especially during a busy day. You can use your other hand to clean the steaming head or wipe the working area. Remember to use it gently – it will make the results better.


This revolutionary coffee portafilter cleaner protects your portafilters from noisy banging and potential damages. The weight of a portafilter is enough to activate the drilling head and the brush. Hold the portafilter stable, but do not push it towards the spinning heads. Your wrists will thank you later because you can avoid the injuries.

Who can use the QuinSpin portafilter cleaner?

This product was designed for baristas who make hundreds of esspresso shots every day. If you work or own a café, this is the best choice for you. You will not only save time and effort, but your wrists will not get hurt. Noises that you would normally ‘produce’ during cleaning a portafilter will disappear, and the portafilters’ life expectancy can be extended.


Baristas all over the world fell in love with this small, inconspicuous product – its popularity growths rapidly in Europe, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, or even Malaysia. The idea comes from an experienced 3D designer and barista – Arkadiusz Biały who decided to make a project that will increase the efficiency of preparing coffee. It turned out that QuinSpin is one of the most special, effortless and useful gadgets for baristas who want to speed up the process of brewing following shots of espresso. Banging and tapping the portafilters is the past – welcome the future and get familiar with the QuinSpin portafilter cleaner. Save time and make more coffee for your clients. Say goodbye to permanent noises of tapping and begin a new adventure with QuinSpin.


Set includes:

- QuinSpin main cap with two heads
- cleaning head diameter 58mm, height: 24mm or 26mm
- cleaning head with brush
- power cable


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