Stronghold S9X

We are the official distributor of Stronghold roasters in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Lithuania.



Unparalleled size and performance in its class

S9X allows for 3kg to 8kg size batches. With our 1000-batch-test we have put the S9X to robust benchmarks, ensuring durability and reliability your can rely on and trust in.
With 4 halogen lamps, even higher heat output, refined airflow control, and detailed data logging, you can enjoy even greater consistency with the S9X at your roastery


Unparalleled production capability and repeatability

Shorter preheating times, made possible through our drum heater technology, increases the production output up to 32kg per hour.
Smart replication function in the S9X not only achieves consistency, but allows you to optimize labour efficiencies. Increase your profitability and share consistent coffees with your customers!


Don't worry about the chaff

S9X's chaff processor features automated chaff dispersal, which will dispense collected and processed chaff from the cyclone.
Free your hands and mind from possible chaff fire concerns. Keep on roasting!


World's First Triple Heat System +

Stronghold's patented tower drum design technology allows for even agitation of the coffees as you manage convective, radiant, and conductive heat applications.
This triple heat system results in optimal roasting approach.

Conductive heat

Agitating blade pushes the coffees from center of the drum to the far edges of the drum.
Conductive heat is evenly and efficiently applied to the coffees.

With X-Series technology's new drum heater, you can now independently manage conductive heat on top of the existing convective and radiant heat controls.
You can now express even more complex and fine-tuned taste and aroma experience.

Radiant heat

Halogen's radiant heat truly differentiates our Smart Roasters from our competitors. Penetrating more energy through multiple layers of the coffees, you can now more evenly develop your coffee inside and out.

Convective heat

Hot air circulates throughout the drum and transfers heat to every bean for even heat distribution.

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