What does nitrogen do to coffee?

What does nitrogen do to coffee?

Have you ever heard about nitro coffee? It is quite a young method of serving coffee because it was created in the early 2010s. Nitro coffee, or to be more precise, nitro cold brew coffee, is a fascinating and delicious beverage, mostly served in the summer. What does nitrogen do with coffee, and what exactly is the so-called nitro coffee? Read this article further to find out the answers. 


What does nitrogen do to coffee? 


Nitrogen in coffee can completely change the texture of your cold brew beverage. How nitrogen impacts coffee? Adding nitrogen bubbles into the cold brew has an influence on its consistency. The beverage becomes silkier, smoother, and the flavor is enhanced. While you are normally brewing your coffee, it starts reacting with the oxygen. It is a completely normal chemical reaction. The difference between a standard cup of coffee and the nitro cold brew is in the oxygen content. Nitrogen eliminates oxygen that would normally be in coffee. As the result, the flavors are better preserved. Yet this is the consistency that differs the most. If you enjoy creamy and silky-smooth coffee, the nitrogen cold brew is a perfect drink for you. You should know at this point, what nitro does to coffee. It is now high time to prepare such a cold and refreshing beverage. 


How to make nitro cold brew?  


The luxurious mouthfeel of tiny nitrogen bubbles infused into the coffee is one of its kind. If you own a coffee place, and you want to try something new, adding a nitro cold brew to the menu is the best choice. Once again new technologies came to help. If you want to prepare cold brew on a daily basis, you probably don’t have time to wait 12 or 24 hours until cold brew is done. What you can do is to purchase a machine that is able to cold brew coffee in less than an hour. Remember though that you need a coarse grind to make the black beverage properly. Machines such as Hardtank Baby can shorten the waiting time from 12-24 hours to 45 minutes. The difference is huge, and it makes it possible to serve more portions of cold brew. If you used the machine, all the coffee was transported to a keg, where it can be stored and infused with nitrogen. Using a countertop dispenser is a comfortable option because you can dose a glass of nitro cold brew anytime.  


You can also make nitrogen infused cold brew at home. It is not complicated, however, it is going to take more time. First of all, you need to make a traditional cold brew. You are going to need a big jar or a capacious container, coffee filters, coffee grinder, and patience. Make sure to filter your cold brew a few times, so the liquid is clear. The easiest way to infuse home-made cold brew is to use a whipped cream dispenser with nitrogen cartridges. This is a solution for anyone who would like to make only a few portions of nitro cold brew. Nitrogen in coffee is without a doubt a new way of drinking coffee, which is gaining more and more fans all over the world.  

Nitro cold brew coffee (left), tea (middle), cascara (right).


Nitrogen in coffee – is it worth trying? 

As it was mentioned before, if you have never tasted such a cold beverage, you have to do it. The nitrogen is responsible not only for the creaminess, lightness, and bubbly mouthfeel, but it enhances the overall flavor. Getting rid of oxygen changes the taste of cold brew a little. A good experiment would be to compare a classic cold brew with its younger version. If you aspire to become a professional barista, you should invest in equipment that allows you to prepare various drinks almost effortless, faster, and more efficient.  


What does nitro do to coffee? The short answer is: it makes a boring coffee exciting to drink, and enhances its flavor. If you want to enjoy your cold brew even more, this is the best way to do it – infuse the coffee extract with nitrogen gas. Your guests will be surprised, and you will be able to expand your skills even more. Click here https://cmsale.com/products/brewing/cold-brew to find out what products are useful in cold brew production and write your own coffee-story.