Essential Accesories for your Coffee Roasting Business

Essential Accesories for your Coffee Roasting Business

Coffee roasting business is strictly connected with a lot of coffee roasting tools that you need to buy. The variety of products available on the market is remarkable, which can be both a good and a bad thing – the more items, the more difficult to choose the best one. If you want to know what equipment do you need to roast coffee, read this article further.

Essential items for your coffee roasting business

Coffee roasting accessories can be divided into two groups: machines and small equipment. Even though these two categories may sound mysterious, it is worth getting to know them closer. What kind of machines are necessary? Importing green coffee beans in large packages bears a certain risk. Stones and other larger particles can be accidentally roasted with coffee beans. Sounds terrible, doesn’t it? To avoid such an awful situation, you can buy a destoner. This is a machine that separates stones, wood particles and dirt from the actual product – coffee beans. You can easily and effortlessly eliminate the risk of selling roasted coffee beans “enriched” with stones…


Another helpful machine is an automatic scale with an automatic loader. Even though these devices are not directly associated with the roasting process, they are a huge help for roastery owners. You can save a lot of time simply by running these two machines. You can be sure that the amount of coffee you want to close in a bag will always be the same, unless you change the settings. Furthermore, you can spare your physical strength – the automatic loader will do the physical job for you.

Smaller coffee roasting tools

The other group that was mentioned before is the group of smaller coffee roasting accessories. You need a place where you can store ready-to-sell product. Containers with wheels can help you with organizing coffee with different origins, different types of roast, etc. Special containers protect roasted coffee from excess of moisture, and as result from mold.


If you want to fully automatize the coffee roasting process, you must invest in a heat sealer. This is a small device that closes the bag automatically, fast, and firmly, so the precious aromas will not diffuse in the air. If the bags are sealed and almost ready-to-go, you should take care of making labels. A labelling applicator is a handy tool which helps you out with putting labels on sealed bags of coffee. You can do this by hand, but it is tiring, and it takes too much time.

Coffee roasting accessories for every roastery owner

As you can see, the roastery business includes more tools and devices than just a coffee roaster. Even though it is the fundamental machine, you also need an array of items that make your daily work more efficient and easier. Devices such as a destoner that filtrates coffee beans from unwanted impurities like stones and wood branches, automatic scale and automatic loader, heat sealer or containers are essential to run a coffee roasting business these days. Make wise choices and improve your coffee roasting atelier!