2023 World Coffee Roasting Championships

2023 World Coffee Roasting Championships

The 2023 World Coffee Roasting Championships, held at the Taiwan International Coffee Show in Taipei, brought together 20 of the world's finest coffee roasters for a spirited competition that celebrated the intricate art of coffee roasting.

Champion Crowned: Taufan Mokoginta Leads

Indonesia's Taufan Mokoginta emerged as the champion, demonstrating exceptional skill and understanding of the roasting process. His victory highlights Indonesia's significant contribution to the global coffee scene.

Joining Mokoginta at the top were Talha Erdinc Bas from Turkey, Andrew Coe from the United States, and Yoshiyuki Nakamura from Japan. These top scorers showcased a rich diversity of roasting styles, reflecting the varied coffee cultures they represent.

The Stronghold S7Pro as a Sample Roaster

The championships featured the Stronghold S7Pro roaster as a sample roaster, emphasizing the importance of state-of-the-art technology in the roasting process.

Łukasz Jura as Head Judge

Overseeing the competition was our roasting expert Łukasz Jura, who served as the Head Judge. His expertise and insight were instrumental in guiding the judging process, ensuring that the highest standards of roasting excellence were recognized and celebrated.

The 2023 World Coffee Roasting Championships were not just a competition but a global celebration of the coffee roasting craft. The coffee community is eagerly awaiting the next edition of the World Coffee Roasting Championships, set to take place during the World of Coffee event in Copenhagen. Scheduled for June 23, 2023, this event promises to be another vibrant showcase of coffee excellence​​​​.


2023 WCRC Ranking:

1. Taufan Mokoginta, Indonesia

2. Talha Erdinc Bas, Turkey

3. Andrew Coe, USA

4. Yoshiyuki Nakamura, Japan

5. Razvan Oniga, Romania

6. Andre Kirberg, Germany

7. Choi Jeonju, South Korea

8. Ashton Huang, Taiwan

9. Diana Johnston Ledezma, UK

10. Josef Holub, Czech Republic

11. Uriel Oropeza, Mexico

12. Roberto Breno, Italy

13. Aleksander Smęt, Poland

14. Artem Kryuchenkov, Australia

15. Mikel Duynisveld, Norway

16. Mattheus Narcizo, Brazil

17. Ignat Turenko, Ukraine

18. Paul Arnephy, France

19. Lukas Stolner, Austria

20. Varangkana Changsirikulchai, Thailand