Methods of coffee brewing

Methods of coffee brewing

The beauty of preparing coffee is that you can brew it in many different ways. The variety of brewing tools allows exploration of completely new coffee brewing methods. You don’t need to spend much on a professional espresso maker to enjoy your morning cup of joe. If you want to find out, what is the best way to make coffee, read this article further.


Drip aka pour over method

This is probably one of the simplest types of coffee brewing, although you need two things: a dripper and coffee filters. Such a setting is portable, so you can take it with you even on a camping site. You will master this method any time – a bit of practice and there you go. First, you need to boil water and grind coffee beans, and in the meantime, you can put the filter into the dripper. When the water is ready, pour hot water on the filter to eliminate the papery taste. Then pour the water over the freshly ground coffee – no rush. It takes a couple of minutes to brew it. The finer you grind your coffee, the longer it takes to brew it.


The AeroPress is a relatively new coffee brewing method. It is one of the coffee pressure methods, which is portable and easy to master. To prepare your coffee correctly, you need special equipment, which is the AeroPress and special round filters. It doesn’t cost much, but if you learn how to use it, you will love the results. Rich flavor and smooth consistency are the significant signs of what the AeroPress can do. Before you pour ground coffee, make sure that the filter is free from its natural taste, as it was in the case of the drip method. Then you can pour coffee and pour it over with hot water. The last step is to press the mixture of coffee and water slowly.

Moka pot or stovetop espresso maker

If you prefer more intensive coffee flavors, or you are used to drinking an espresso shot in the morning, this method of coffee brewing is for you. The moka pot is an inexpensive and popular coffee brewing tool that many coffee drinkers use not only at home, but outdoor too. A huge advantage is that the stovetop espresso maker is easy to maintain, and it does not require any paper filters. The bottom part of the moka pot is where you pour cold water. While it is boiling, the steam is raising the pressure, and the hot water ‘pass through’ the pot filter, where the coffee is being placed. The upper chamber ‘collects’ freshly brewed coffee. Even though this is not the same espresso as from the espresso machine, it still tastes intensly and has rich and deep flavor notes.

Cold brew

Your patience is the key in this coffee brewing method. You need to wait 24 hours until the cold brew coffee is done, or buy the Hardtank machine that will shorten the time to less than an hour. This is the best way to make coffee in the summer – there is no better thing than cold, refreshing, and truly an aromatic coffee when the temperatures are high. You need coarsely ground coffee, room temperature water, and a container, where coffee can brew itself. Before serving the beverage, make sure that you strained ground coffee. Add ice cubes, some milk, or drink it black – as you like the most.

French press

There are a lot of types of coffee brewing methods, but the French press has a long history. It is a simple and classy way to brew your coffee. The medium-coarse coffee is perfect for this method. It should steep for a bit, but if you don’t want to make it too bitter or too strong, you should press the French press filter after 3-4 minutes. The sediment is natural for this kind of coffee brewing method, same as deep brown color.