Which weigh&fill machine is the best choice for your roastery?

Which weigh&fill machine is the best choice for your roastery?

We offer machines that will save you time and nerves associated with the meticulous manual weighing of coffee and more. However, our machines are not only for packing coffee, you can also pack nuts, tea leaves, spices, candies, dry pasta, chocolate balls coarsely ground coffee (as V60 grinding) and every loose dry product.

If you want to place the Automatic Scale 1500g on a countertop then choosing a Countertop Frame is ideal.

To increase the capacity of your scale to 25kg, take a look at the Automatic Scale Hopper Extension, and if you pack mainly into small packages, e.g. 250g Nozzle for small bags will make your packing easier.

Pack with incredible precision. The accuracy of our larger machines is 2 grams!

To make it easier to pack standing up in a comfortable position in Automatic Scale 3000g, we have prepared a special frame extension (fits also with Automatic Scale 1500g). 

After much testing, we managed to make an average of 60 250 gram bags in 10 minutes - 600 bags per hour!

Packing 1 kg of your product in less than 10 seconds is no problem at all.Combined with heat sealers and an automatic loader for loose products similar in density and hardness to coffee beans, they form a set that will increase your efficiency several times over.

If you plan to pack very fine spices or finely ground coffee in Automatic Scale 300g, ask us about Teflon coating of the scale.

In this small scale with a capacity of approx. 300 grams of coffee beans or 200g of tea leaves you can dispense with an accuracy of 0.1 gram!