1KG personal/sample powerful drum coffee roaster.

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The Aillio Bullet Roaster R1 V2 is an unique and very efficient coffee roasting machine. The Danish design stands out against other products in this category. This is a great coffee roaster for personal use or for small coffee shops or roasteries which want to sell samples to their clients. 


The Aillio Bullet Roaster R1 V2 is an automatic pre-heating drum coffee roaster with adjustable heat and fan speed. Its infrared sensors constantly control the temperature in real-time to deliver a consistent and precise roast. The infrared technology can measure the temperature of your coffee beans contactless. The maximum temperature of coffee beans totals to 240°C, but that can be adjusted if needed. The minimum capacity of a batch is 100g, which is a good amount for a sample. If you want to sell coffee in larger bags, you can change the settings and turn up the weight up to 1000g. The capacity of the drum is 5.9l, which is suitable for most small coffee shops with a mini-roastery.


The control panel is big enough to be able to change the settings comfortably. The buttons are manual, but they respond immediately. Adjust the temperature and airflow to achieve the best roast each time you use this coffee roasting machine. An interesting feature is that you can save the details of each roast, because they are recorded digitally. You can replay one of your saved profiles later or even share it with other roasters. The Aillio Bullet Roaster is fully compatible with Artisan software, which is easy to use. By purchasing this drum coffee roaster you also get a set of adapters for free - an exhaust and a cooling tray adapter. 


Even though this coffee roaster hides a lot of smart and advanced technologies, it looks minimalistic and elegant. Your clients will without a doubt have their eyes on the original design of this machine. Excellent quality of coffee will be delivered to your clients and they will surely enjoy the taste of freshly roasted coffee beans. If you need a small coffee roasting machine, this one will meet your expectations. 


Main features:

  • capacity of a batch: 100g-1000g
  • bean temperature measurement: infrated sensor (IBTS) ot temperature probe (NTC)
  • max bean temprature: 240°C
  • external cooling tray
  • capacity of a drum: 5.9L
  • Country of origin: Taiwan

Technical data:

  • Voltage: 200V-240V.  50Hz-60Hz
  • Power consumption: 1500W
  • Dimensions: L: 59cm W 31cm: H:42cm (L:75cm including cooling tray).
  • Weight: 18kg



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