Coffee Roast Analyzer Dipper KN-201

Redefine Coffee Roast Analyzer

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The  Specialty  Coffee  Association  (SCA), a  body  merged  from  EuropeanSpecialty  Coffee  Association  (SCAE) and American  Specialty  Coffee  Association(SCAA), promotes using infrared analysis to assess the degree of coffee roast. Themethod  used  is  called  an  Agtron  number.  A lower  Agtron  number  indicates  a higher caramelization and a deeper roasting degree. On the other hand, a  highernumber  would  indicate  a  lower  caramelization  and a  lighter  roast  degree.  Thisquantitative  way  can  assist  roasters  in  determining  the  degree  of  coffee  roastmore  precisely  which  is  a  great  aid  for  them  in  managing  the  quality  andconsistency of their products.This product is a professional precision instrument for measuring the degreeof coffee roast. It is suitable for both coffee beans and ground coffee. This productprovides  a  user  friendly  interface  with  an  excellent  quality  exterior.  The built  in optical technology complies with the SCA Roast Color Classification System whichenables  a  coffee  roaster  accurately measuring  the  coffee  beans  Agtron  numberand the roasting degree name.

Agtron  numbers  are  defined as  two  scale  expressions  designed  to  meet  thespecific needs of different types of coffee roast.

Agtron Commercial Scale:
This  was  originally  defined as  a  roast  scale,  developed  primarily  for  largecommercial plants, corresponding to the carbide ratio of soluble organic m a t t e r,in  order  to  evaluate  soluble  coffee  in   the  form  of  dehydration.  The  measuringvalues ranging from 0 to 100, indicates deep to shallow degree. However, as themarket  evolved,  this  type  of  measuring  method  is  gradually  replaced  by  othermeasuring equipment that turned to the primary use of assessing the degree of roasting.
Agtron Gourmet Scale:
To  meet  the  development  of  better  roast  machine performance  and moreextreme market roast demands, this higher resolution scale was born. This scaleis typically ranging from 0 to 133, which has a wider measurement ranges thanthe Commercial Scale.Most products on the market now are fixed with Gourmet scale. Dipper meter supports both scales and can be selected on demand, in order to meet a widerrange of application needs.

Package contents:

  • Dipper meter x1
  • Sample cup / tray x1
  • Flat scraper x1
  • USB cable x1
  • Calibration plate x1
  • User manual x1
  • Carry bag x1


Size: Diameter 65mm, height 100mm
Material:            Aerospace aluminum alloy with hard anode treatment
Weight: 280g(not include accessories)
Display: 128x64 monochrome OLED
Light source: NIR solid-state LED
Sensor: Multi-point phototransistors
Warm-up time: 30 seconds
Measure range: 0-150 Agtron Gourmet number
Accuracy: >99%
Data records:    200records
Battery:               High-capacity rechargeable polymer lithium battery
Battery life: Work continuously up to 8 hours
Charger: USB5V/1A
Charging time: 0~100% about 3 hours
Operating temperature: 0~40°C
Storage temperature: -10~70°C
Certifications: CE,FCC


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