Comandante C60 Baracuda Brushed Steel Grinder

Comandante C60 Baracuda Brushed Steel Grinder

The new, most advanced coffee grinder from the iconic Comandante brand.

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Unveiling the C60 Baracuda by Comandante, showcasing the zenith of burr technology among its lineage with a 2-3x performance uptick, ensuring swift and uniform grinding to perfection. Boasting unparalleled precision, the burrs are engineered from high-alloy, nitrogen stainless steel embraced by a martensitic microcrystalline matrix.

The meticulous geometry of the burrs is optimized to deliver stellar efficiency with minimal crank rotations, all while guaranteeing even particle grinding for an unmatched brewing finesse. The steel burrs stand neutral, allowing the authentic taste of coffee to shine through.

Step into a realm of precision with the C60 Baracuda's new GX50 Gold Clix system, offering a spectrum of grind size settings with remarkable accuracy. The stepped grind adjustment hands you the reins of control for each brewing method, promising consistency cup after cup. Revel in superior results, whether it's for alternative brewing methods, espresso, or ibrik. Every Gold Clix adjustment alters the burr setting by 41.6 μm, translating to a 21 μm change in coffee particle size.

The construction of the C60 Baracuda heralds a novel design. Stainless steel emerges as the material of choice, crafting a robust and food-safe haven for your coffee grinding endeavors. The body, along with the axle and its stabilization, is forged from a singular block of stainless steel employing cutting-edge technology synonymous with engine component fabrication, ensuring enduring durability and remarkable axle stabilization. The external facade is adorned with brushed stainless steel that is simply a sight to behold.

Treading the path of safety and efficiency, Comandante employs BPA-free polymers that meet stringent food safety standards, engineered to withstand the test of time. Each grinder accompanies two jars for your ground coffee: one clear and one pink polymer jar, simplifying cleaning and holding approximately 40g of coffee beans.

The brand’s love for natural wood shines through with a solid oak handle, crafted by artisans from the German Black Forest. Its ergonomic design coupled with the unique oak grain structure is a visual delight. The C60 Baracuda is equipped with an XL-sized handle adorned with a Big Joe knob, smoothing out the grinding process. The grind adjustment knob is a masterpiece in brass, embodying the no-aluminum ethos of Comandante products.

Crafted with precision in Germany, the C60 Baracuda, weighing around 1018 grams, stands as a testament to solid construction while retaining a compact stature.

What catapults the Comandante C60 Baracuda into a league of its own compared to the C40 MK4 Nitro Blade model?

  • A leap in burr efficiency and size.
  • A novel body design with axle stabilization crafted from a singular block of stainless steel.
  • The advanced GX50 Gold Clix grind size adjustment system with a brass knob.
  • The XL-sized handle paired with a Big Joe knob, harmonizing the grinding endeavor.
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